The maintenance contract offers you many advantages. Compare the services with and without a maintenance contract:

With maintenance contract:


Other manufacturers sometimes remove old functions from the operating system. Examples in the past were the 32Bit support and Rosetta for PowerPC CPUs. This can affect old versions of our software. In the worst case it simply does not run anymore. With maintenance contract you get a new major version. This will then also run on the current operating systems*.

* Provided that our development environment supports the new operating system version.

Priority support

We manage support requests in our ticket system in two queues (with contract, without contract). Sometimes several requests come in at the same time. All requests are inserted into one of the two queues according to their timestamp. The first triage is done in the order of arrival. The queue of customers with maintenance subscription is processed preferentially.

New features

We regularly develop new features for our editions. Examples: Statistics, Stock journal, Central payer, XInvoice, ZugFERD Invoice, DATEV Export. These are published in new main versions. With maintenance contract new main versions are automatically available. You can use the functions of your edition directly.

Without maintenance contract


If your version no longer runs on a new operating system, you must purchase the new major version.

Standard Support

Your requests will be processed as soon as there are no open requests from contract customers.

New features

Major versions with new features must be purchased new.