With vcFlowDesigner you document and publish your business processes in no time.

vcFlowDesigner convinces with a fast, unique keyboard operation for the professional and intuitive operation for the beginner.

Links between steps are automatically drawn and modified.

Swimlanes automatically adapt to the emerging process.


Intuitive and fast insertion of the next step

  • by mouse from the selection circle

  • by keyboard via the numeric keypad

Process steps

  • Start

  • User activity

  • Script Automation

  • Report

  • Email

  • Conditional branching

  • Parallel processing

  • Merge

  • Timer event

  • Subprocess


Extensive documentation can be stored for each step.

  • Formatted texts

  • Graphics

  • Hyperlinks


Simplify processes by subprocesses

  • arbitrarily nestable

  • all functions of the vcFlowDesigner are available


Export the processes in several formats

  • PDF diagram

  • PDF process description

  • HTML

  • JSON text file

Process list

In the process list you keep the overview of your processes

  1. Search

  2. Sort

  3. Filter (main processes and/or subprocesses)

  4. Edit subprocesses directly

Speaks your language

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Danish

  • Czech

  • Polish

  • others on request

Integrated help

  • Multilingual (currently German and English)

  • more to come

Operating systems

  • MacOS

  • Windows

  • Ubuntu/Debian (planned)


  • Template-Einstellungen für die Dokumentation

  • Simulation der Durchlaufzeit von Prozessen

  • Mehrplatz-Edition (mehrere Benutzer bearbeiten einen Prozess)

  • Enterprise-Edition (Ausführen von Workflows)

vcFlowDesigner in action…