vcEuroFaktura 6

EuroFaktura was developed especially for and on the Mac. EuroFaktura offers everything that you as an independent entrepreneur, freelancer or craftsman expect from an inventory management software. The operation of EuroFaktura is unbeatably simple and intuitive. EuroFaktura was developed with the aim of enabling fast order processing and this with the shortest possible training period. Download the demo version in our download area and test it yourself!

Item management

  • 10 sales prices with calculation
  • Any number of purchase prices and suppliers
  • Item groups and item types freely definable
  • Item figures and additional figures
  • Freely assignable fields
  • Attach documents (not Basic edition)
  • Inventory management (not Basic edition)
  • Item characteristics freely definable (not Basic edition)
  • Discount groups freely definable (not Basic edition)
  • Special discounts freely definable per customer (not Basic edition)
  • Commission goods (not Basic edition)
  • and much more.

Business partners

  • Everything important at a glance
  • Assignments freely definable
  • Customer identification
  • Resubmission
  • Employee Assignment
  • Assignment of a price group
  • Assignment of a discount group
  • Bank details
  • Delivery address
  • Documents
  • History of all offers, orders, delivery bills and invoices (not Basic edition)
  • and much more.


  • Clearly arranged
  • Quick price selection
  • Duplicate and insert positions
  • Completing orders and delivery bills
  • Automatic header and footer text
  • Discounts (amount and percentage)
  • Reminders
  • Part payments (not Basic edition)
  • Commercial invoice (not Basic edition)
  • Pro forma invoice (not Basic edition)
  • and much more.


  • The statistics on the invoice list offers extensive evaluation options
  • Annual comparisons
  • monthly comparisons
  • Specific months over several years
  • Bars and line graphics
  • Selection of sales, profit and margin